Tropic Skincare

Brightening Facial

Suitable for everyone, to gentle exfoliate, rehydrate and nourish the skin, giving you more healthy and smoother looking skin.

£45 boost this treatment to target pigmentation

Ultimate Face Lift

If you’re concerned with fine lines and wrinkles this treatment with gently exfoliate then fill the skin with powerful anti-ageing ingredients to leave the skin looking a feeling smoother, more plump and lifted.


Acne Facial

Designed to deep clean, exfoliate, calm and reduce the appearance of live acne and reduce the size of pores. 
Can also be done of the back to treat ‘bacne’.



Chemical Peels

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Signature Brightening Peel

A very gentle skin peel suitable for most skins to gentle resurface the skin and push in lots of powerful ingredients to give a glowing, brighter more hydrated skin.


Wrinkle Lift & Pigmentation Relief Peel

A deeper penetrating peel, for stimulating collagen and renewing elastin to give a more plump and tightened skin.
It also encourages deep cell turnover to push out pigmentation from the skin and allow daily products to work more effectively.

£85 per peel
£425 course of 6

Acne Peel

A peel designed to take down the immediate inflammation of acne and work to reduce oil and pore size to prevent from further breakouts.

£60 per peel
£300 course of 6